Meanwhile in Dnipropetrovsk, It’s Protest Piano Tango Duet!

Banderite Tango in Dnipropetrovsk by Protest Piano Duet!

Voices of Ukraine

They’re calling it the “Banderite tango in Dnipropetrovsk…”

FB VIDEO–take a listen!:

The first melody is “Kiss of Fire” and the second is Bohdan Veselovsky’s “Lety Toozhlyva Pisnya” [Fly, Sorrowful Song]–both from the 1950s.

And because you cannot have tango music without dancing, in Lviv, on the same day, there was tango dancing!
Somehow the 2 cities were united on the same wavelength today…

More about Bohdan Vesolovsky / Богдан Весоловський (1915-1971) was a popular Ukrainian songwriter and composer of tangos, foxtrots, waltzes and rumbas. He was born in Vienna, studied law and music in Lviv, and performed in the city’s celebrated Yablonsky, or “Yabtso” band. After World War II he ended up in Canada where he eventually became head of the Ukrainian Service of Radio Canada International in Montreal.

Fascinating video about his band, his life and times from Ukraine to Canada:

More of his music videos here: 

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