Radioactive substance seized by Ukraine’s security service


The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained 9 individuals in the Chernivtsi Oblast who had in their possession a radiation emitting substance they suspect to be uranium-235, weighing almost 1.5 kg., reports the press service of the Security Service, May 5.

The 9 individuals were detained on April 30. According to preliminary information, they include citizens of Ukraine and one citizen of the Russian Federation.

The hazardous substance was brought into the territory of Ukraine from Transnistria in a car with foreign license numbers. The radioactive substance was stored in a homemade container.

Based on information received during the preliminary investigation, SBU cannot rule out that that the purpose of the detained group was the creation of a “dirty” bomb and its use during mass events in southeastern Ukraine in order to destabilize the social and political situation in the country,” the SBU reports.

The investigation is ongoing.


3 thoughts on “Radioactive substance seized by Ukraine’s security service

  1. Radioactive substance being smuggled within Ukraine or into Ukraine from foreign countries?
    Dirty bomb is also called a WMD. This is a very serious problem.

    This is one of the most disturbing incidents since last November.
    Hopefully, the new government in Kyiv will identify the responsible party very soon.

  2. Where else on earth would such a quantity of radioactive Uranium come from but from a government source (Putin). This is very serious. Ukraine needs help on the ground now from the West!

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