RUSLANA: To All Ukrainians in the Diaspora! Let’s build a New Ukraine Network.

RUSLANA: To All Ukrainians in the Diaspora! Let’s build a New Ukraine Network.

Voices of Ukraine

By Ruslana Lyzhychko


I am addressing this to all Ukrainians in the diaspora around the world!

I am eternally grateful for your ongoing activity, but we need to coordinate our actions in order to make them more substantial and more effective!

My request to everyone involved in the active defense of Ukraine abroad, please connect with me for joint actions. 

Sometimes the process looks so that we are all doing something, but everyone is moving in their own direction. I suggest that all of us coordinate and synchronize for the feeling that critically topical identical actions are taking place simultaneously worldwide!

I have created a certain network with different countries.
We’ve held rallies, monitored propaganda, but this is not enough! I am waiting for your proactive stance and willingness to begin to act more massively, so that the whole world sees it!

I suggest immediate implementation of extensive promotions…

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