Amid anti-terrorist operation on May 9, Sloviansk residents hand our leaflets calling for unity

Proactive citizens of Sloviansk distributed leaflets [calling for unity] on the eve of Victory Day on May 9. Realizing that doing this inside the terrorist-seized city of Sloviansk itself is dangerous, activists handed out the leaflets at checkpoints. Simple in form, but deep in meaning, the leaflets were well received by passengers of vehicles approaching Sloviansk.


“Over the years of our independence, politicians and oligarchs used to divide Us into blue and orange [orange is the color of Viktor Yushchenko’s party and blue is the color used by the pro-Yanukovych Partoy of Regions], into separatists and activists, into ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’! In order to continue to divide and rob Us ! Ordinary citizens of Ukraine do not want war, but it is imposed on us by truth that is replaced by lies, speculating on our fears and feelings! Ukraine for them is only a place for profit, but for Us UKRAINE is Our HOMELAND!” states the leaflet.

The leaflet calls for the unity of people: “Only together we can get any authorities to work for the people, and make foreign ‘friends’ respect Us and reckon with Us. To do this, we need to combine all our efforts on THIS SOIL GIVEN TO US BY GOD!”

Noteworthy, this initiative was supported by law enforcement personnel on their posts. They handed out the leaflets, congratulating the people passing by with Victory day, commenting that it has been a very long time since they had done such activities that fill them with enthusiasm and faith, after all that they’ve experienced lately.



Translated by Alya Shandra


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