Donetsk residents to vote in referendum on joining Dnipropetrovsk

referendum_3a20cThe Committee of the Patriotic Forces of Donbas is urging all who want to return to peace, stability, and order to support the alternate referendum, on May 11,  to join the territorial-administrative units of the Donetsk Oblast to the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

A declaration distributed by the committee outlines the choices, reports UNIAN, May 10.

“Given the increasing destabilization of the Donetsk region and the inability of Donetsk authorities to stop the rampant banditry and outright terror that is claiming hundreds of lives of our countrymen, the Committee of the Patriotic Forces of Donbas (KPSD) urges the deputies of the local councils and all citizens of the Donetsk Oblast to support the initiative to hold a referendum on joining the territorial-administrative units of the region to the stable and peaceful Dnipropetrovsk Oblast,” the statement says.

The committee points out that in Mariyupol, Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and on the roads of the Donetsk oblast, which are blocked by terrorists, a war is taking place, and its victims include not only politically active Ukrainian patriots, but businesspeople, journalists, priests, and ordinary citizens.

“Pro-Russian forces, supported by organized criminal groups, have looted arsenals of weapons and distributed them without any control to marginal and criminal elements. It is against this background, and with their help, that there is in fact a “looter’s” seizure of power, a criminal coup that has as its main purpose the acquisition of the property of others and the establishment of control by newly discovered “leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic” over the cash flows in the region,” the declaration says.

The Committee stresses that, “unfortunately, Donetsk elites are incapable or unwilling to reestablish law and to restore order and stability. However, we have the example of the neighboring Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, where the government has full control of the situation, where there is no rampant crime, and where salaries and pensions are paid on time.”

Given the current situation, the KPSD is calling on citizens to support the referendum to join the territorial administrative units of the Donetsk Oblast to the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast and declares that “the relevant work on the organization of the referendums has been completed in several cities and districts of the oblast, which need to become the catalysts for the return of Ukrainian sovereignty, law and order on the territory of the Donetsk region.”

“We call on all deputies and activists to start the same processes in their areas of residence,” the declaration concludes. The declaration was signed by all the members of the Committee.

UNIAN Ed. note: In Donetsk, the Russian-speaking patriots of Ukraine, who are represented by various civic and political organizations (19 civic organizations and the regional representatives of four political parties), united to create the Coordinating Council of the Patriotic Forces of Donbas earlier this year. The committee has adopted a Manifesto that sets out the mission of the committee — to prevent the split of the country, to protect the Donetsk region, and to keep it from being drawn into civil and military conflicts.

“Declaring allegiance to our country, Ukraine, we agree to coordinate the patriotic forces in the region and to assist the authorities in establishing stability, rule of law, and the prevention of civil conflict,” the signed Manifesto declares. It also sets out the main objectives of the committee “Peaceful Donbas”: united Ukraine, restoration of public order, civic dialogue, preservation of, and respect for, the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Donbas.”




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