The Etymology of the Word: “Huylo” (as in “Putin Huylo”)

The Etymology of the Word: “Huylo” (as in “Putin Huylo”)

Voices of Ukraine

By Svetlana Fokina.
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.26.25 PM “Putin Fuck-Off”

A British journalist asked me to translate the word “huylo” into English, give a synonym for it and explain the etymology of the word. I warned him that gentlemen do not talk like that, but he insisted, saying that gentlemen may think like that. [Ed. note: “huylo” is used interchangeably with Putin’s name to explain Ukrainian attitudes towards Putin. It is sometimes spelled “huilo” as well]. This has proven to be no easy task…  It turns out the word is a 2-in-1, since there are two meanings joined together into one word: the well-known word “fuck” and the gender-neutral pronoun “it.”

–Ok, I think I know what you are getting at, says the Brit, intrigued…

–And now at the same time, add the deepest emotional pain, suffering, hatred, contempt and a sense of the irreversible collapse of human dignity and…

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