Russian agent “Strelkov” asks Kremlin for help in Slovyansk


Igor Hirkin, alias “Strelkov”

Igor Hirkin (aka “Strelkov”), an employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia,  has proclaimed himself Commander-in-Chief of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” and has appealed to Russia for military assistance. The text of his “first decree” in the form of leaflets is being distributed in Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, reports Ukrainska Pravda, citing Novosty Donbasu, May 12.

“Given the urgency of the situation in the country, the genocide of the Donetsk population unleashed by the junta in Kyiv and the threats of intervention by NATO, I appeal to the Russian Federation to provide military assistance to the Dnipropetrovsk People’s Republic (DPR),” he stated.

Strelkov also declared he was bringing under his direction as “commander in chief of the DPR ” all permanently stationed military units, police, security services, customs, border guards, prosecutors and also other paramilitary formations.”

“Commanders will now carry out only my orders and instructions,” he announced.
In addition, he openly declared war on Ukrainian law enforcement, asking Russia to introduce on the territory of the DPR the “regime of counter-terrorist operation,” using the common Russian term for similar operations.

“As part of the counter-terrorist operation, all fighters in Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups (the so-called National Guard, the Right Sector, Lyashko battalion, and so on) are subject to detention, and in the case of armed resistance, will be destroyed on the spot,” Strelkov announced.

“Law enforcement of the republic will be given the means to prosecute the leaders of the Kyiv junta and other persons involved in the instigation, organization, and implementation of mass murder on the territory of the DNP: I. Kolomoysky, P. Nalyvaychenko, A Parubiy, A Avakov, Yu. Tymoshenko, A Turchynov, A. Yatseniuk, O. Lyashko, A Artemenko, as well as U.S. citizens John Brennan, Victoria Nuland, Jen Psaki,” he continued.

He also said the presence of “all soldiers and officers of the armed forces, internal security forces, the Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Services on NTP territory from now will be considered illegal.”

Strelkov demanded that within 48 hours all such soldiers swear allegiance to the DPR or leave its territory.

“Everyone who comes over to the DPR command of DPR will be guaranteed the preservation of military and special ranks, salaries and social benefits (assuming they have not been involved in grave of especially grave crimes)”, Strelkov declared.

As Ukrainska Pravda reported earlier, citing the publication OstroV, May 12, the former self-proclaimed leaders of the DPR actually have been suspended by a certain Serhiy Zdrylyukov, who calls himself the “right hand” of Igor Strelkov (Hirkin).

According to a source at NPR cited by OstroV, right after the “referendum,” the “representative” of Igor Strelkov (Hirkin) forcibly removed from “power” the previous leaders.

“On Sunday there was a coup. Purgin, Lyagin and Makovych were removed from decision-making by a group of people led by a man who presented himself of the assistant of Strelkov” from Slovyansk,” the source reported.

According to this source, Roman Lyagin, who was responsible for counting the votes, was forced to announce the results of the “referendum” immediately. Earlier, the representatives of the separatist leadership themselves admitted that “was has been achieved in Slovyansk would have been impossible without Igor Strelkov.

As previously reported, the Security Service of Ukraine has determined that “Strelkov” is a colonel in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation, whose real name is Igor Hirkin.



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  9. Sandy…kill yourself. The fascists in Kiev and their mock fat pig excuse for “president” are killing their own people. Strelkov is defending them. Ukraine is NOT united it is DEAD!

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