Administration to Akhmetov: Remember the Unity of Ukraine

Monday, May 12, 2014, 17:27


Serhiy Pashynskiy

The Presidential Administration promises to make personnel changes in personnel upon Rynat Akhmetov’s calls to stop ATO in the Donbas, said acting PA head Serhiy Pashinsky.

“We are surprised by the statement from Metinvest; as we understand – it’s a statement by Akhmetov (Metinvest’s company owner) who advocated a unified Ukraine and recommended the Donetsk Governor (Serhiy Taruta ). … “We will make the corresponding conclusions including personnel according to these statements,” added Pashynskiy.

According to Pashynskiy, the government is not going to stop the Anti-Terrorism Operation because they want to prevent the spread of separatism. ”We understand that this requirement (Metinvest’s demand to stop the ATO) will not regulate the situation in Donetsk Oblast, but would also extend this “disease” on the territory of Ukraine. I declare that we will not allow the spread of separatists and terrorists in other areas, ” said Pashynskiy. According to him, this spread is a ”strategic plan of our enemies.”

Pashynskiy also stated that the active phase of the ATO continues in Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Krasnyy Lyman, but he gave no details. He also explained that the Ukrainian troops were withdrawn from several sites in Mariupol as the ATO action could cause civilian casualties among the local populace.

Earlier, Metinvest, which is a holding company SCM Rynat Akhmetov, urged the authorities to withdraw military troops from Mariupol and announced the creation of a Voluntary People’s Guard among miners and steel workers.


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