Ukraine Stops Water Supply to Crimea

channelThe North Crimean canal has stopped supplying water to the unrecognized Republic of Crimea, reads a statement made by the State Water Resources Agency.

“The North Crimean canal is currently operating in a mode that has been adjusted to meet the needs of the Kherson Oblast’s water users due to the absence of constructive proposals to establish contractual relations for providing the Autonomous Republic of Crimea with water resources for domestic water supply and irrigation,” said the statement of May 8.

The question of Crimea repaying its 2013 1.7 mln UAH debt for water consumption to the canal’s administration still remains. 



15 thoughts on “Ukraine Stops Water Supply to Crimea

    • Crimea is Russian now. Why should Ukraine give them water? Sounds like a good opportunity for Russia to show off why anyone would want to be part of it with it’s notoriously reliable municipal services.

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    • And so you think hurting Crimeans will hurt Putin? If so he cares much more for his new citizens than Kiev. The same Kiev who sends black ops, military and mercenaries to fight the insurrection. Either propaganda works wonders or you are paid by Kiev to do PR. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. You are full of sh!t on this. Ukrain is turning the water off to Crimea for political reasons. The problem with Ukraine is stubbornesd and stupidity. Watch this, next year you will try selling water to Crimea for 50% price you can get now. But I doubt the will be buying it from you. By that time you will be even more desperate for money.

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