Crimea and the delivery of products from Russia.

Crimea and the delivery of products from Russia.

Voices of Ukraine

By Andrey Alexandrov
05.06.2014  Facebook
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

This is what I managed to find out firsthand.

Here is the direct speech from the Director of one of the Crimean food companies:

“Emissaries from various Russian food manufacturers came to negotiate with us. They can be roughly divided into two categories.The first category includes “floats.” “Floats” give you a fatherly pat on your shoulder, saying, “Don’t worry, we will give you everything. What else do you need? Sugar? We’ll give you sugar. Oil? We will give you oil.” During attempts to talk about the specifics, as in prices, delivery conditions, etc., the “floats” begin to steer the conversation, saying, “You’ll get your prices and conditions, don’t get worked up about this. Russia will take care of you. We won’t let you go to pieces!” That is, there’s nothing concrete about it, but pathos and arrogance galore…

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