Friendship Train Will Head From Lviv to Odesa


On May 20th, a ‘Friendship Train’ will be heading from Lviv to Odesa. Activists from Lviv are going to Odessa next week to share the feeling of calmness, support, and family warmth from their home town. Euromaidan’s Civic sector has announced this on their facebook page.


 special train with teddy bears, tea and jam, warm plaids and cushions, tablecloth, vases and ‘Keep Calm!’ slogans written on windows will be a symbolic action meant to remind that Ukraine is United. Because Ukraine is tired of unsettling news.
We want PEACE, calm, home comfort and warmth at our homeland whenever we live – in the South, North, East or West of Ukraine.


Nataliya Kuba, moderator of the project, writes: “This is what we really have fought for, not for finding out who is more or less Ukrainian in our country. And this is what we would like to explain to people convinced otherwise”.





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