UWC International Election Observation Mission To The Presidential Election Begins Its Work In Ukraine


Observation Mission (UWC Mission) to the Presidential and Municipal Elections begins its work in Ukraine.

One of the objectives of the UWC is to “monitor democratic processes, including elections and referendums.” In accordance, since 1999 the UWC has consistently participated in monitoring the electoral process in Ukraine.

The goal of the UWC Mission is to support a more open and transparent electoral process in Ukraine during elections scheduled for 25 May 2014, specifically to monitor adherence to the law, prevent violations and provocations at polling stations during voting and provide an assessment of the electoral process. 

The UWC Mission will monitor the elections throughout Ukraine with particular focus on Eastern and Southern regions, and in diplomatic missions around the world.

The Head of the UWC Mission is Federal Judge Bohdan Futey from the United States, and the Chief Observer is UWC Third Vice President Peter Sztyk.

The UWC calls for volunteers from the Ukrainian diaspora to actively participate in the UWC Mission and reminds interested individuals that the deadline for registering for the UWC Mission is 5 May 2014.

Please be advised that the office of the UWC Mission is located in Kyiv. 

Contact information in Kyiv:
Oleksiy Zakharchenko
6 Muzeinyi provulok, Room 106 (near the Dnipro hotel in central Kyiv)
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 97 5102303
E-mail: SKUobservers@gmail.com
Media Contact: Irene Mycak
145 Evans Ave., Suite 207
Toronto, ON
M8Z 5X8 Canada
Tel. (416) 323-3020
Fax (416) 323-3250
E-mail: congress@look.ca
Website: www.ukrainianworldcongress.org

The UWC  is the international coordinating body for Ukrainian communities in the diaspora representing the interests of over 20 million Ukrainians. The UWC has member organizations in 33 countries and ties with Ukrainians in 14 additional countries. Founded in 1967, the UWC was recognized in 2003 by the United Nations Economic and Social Council as a non‑governmental organization (NGO) with special consultative status.


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