Because we are driven by love, and our enemies – by hatred.

Because we are driven by love, and our enemies – by hatred.

Voices of Ukraine

By Peter Shuklinov.
Translated by Alex Howard and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

I don’t recognise this country. It’s changed. It’s been awakened. It was always good. It never took things which belonged to others. It didn’t disturb its neighbours. It didn’t teach others how to live. It lived on its own as if it had no one else around it. For the most part, it fought only with its own stupidity and laziness. It didn’t sort its issues out with war, but in stadiums. It argued in studios and on squares until it was hoarse. Sometimes it stood up for itself, but just to make its view known.But even then it didn’t conduct military exercises, assuming there would be some conflict with its neighbours. And in general, war? Ukrainians and fighting? It doesn’t happen. Who is there for us to fight? We are on our own land, and…

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