Terrorists are being recruited in large numbers on Russian social networking websites, according to the Ministry of External Affairs

Volunteer units are being formed on Russian social networking sites; for the purpose of participation in terrorist activity on Ukrainian territory.

This was stated on Friday by Yevhen Perebyinis – Director of the Information Policy Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine – at a briefing in Kyiv.  The report comes from Cenzor.NET, with a reference to Ukrinform.

“Recently, on social networking websites such as Vkontakte and Livejournal, there has been an increase in the activities of organizations and groups – as well as individuals from other states – aimed at carrying out subversive activities and operations against Ukraine”, he said.

In particular, Perebyinis  mentioned the activities of Russian groups such as ‘Russian National Unity’ and ‘Eurasian Youth Union’. He added that similar groups are also involved in forming volunteer units, to participate in terrorist sabotage within Ukraine.

“We call on the Russian authorities to take measures to stop these illegal actions”, said Perebynis.

Source: http://censor.net.ua/news/285638/v_rossiyiskih_sotssetyah_massovo_verbuyut_terroristov_mid

Translated by Katherina Smirnova, edited by Jon Barrow

3 thoughts on “Terrorists are being recruited in large numbers on Russian social networking websites, according to the Ministry of External Affairs

  1. Russia, simply put, is a state sponsor of terrorism. The evidence is overwhelming. Civilized nations must recognize this fact and act accordingly. Only regime change should alter this designation.

    • Oleh… you are so right…I too have called for US,NATO, etc., to intervene….that means putting boots on the ground. Putin wouldn’t dare fight all those countries…Unfortunately, they have lots of meetings, threaten and do nothing as Putin slowly invades Ukraine and kills those poor untrained and poorly equipted soldiers and civilians. Germans, UK and French are particularily disgusting and shameless. Germany devastated Ukraine in WW2 and they’re devastated her again in the 21st. century. I will be writing opinions for Americans to stop buying German made cars, French wine etc…..That’s the best way to hurt those greedy, immoral cowards. All those UK stars, TV announcers etc., can leave America now.

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