Green Party warns of environmental disaster if Russia invades Ukraine


Denys Moskal, Green Party of Ukraine

Russia’s war with Ukraine will lead to an environmental disaster with worldwide implications, the head of the Green Party of Ukraine, Denys Moskal, stated at a press conference at the UNIAN information agency, Friday, May 16.

He pointed out that Ukraine has a large number of technological structures that could result in environmental disaster if destroyed during fighting.

“I would like to draw attention to one perspective, which for some reason is not discussed,” he said.”That it is unacceptable to conduct any kind of military action, let alone full-scale military actions, since our country is saturated with hazardous man-made structures: nuclear power plants, water reservoirs, international pipelines. Unless the conflict is deescalated, the consequences could be far worse than the Chornobyl catastrophe,” Moskal said.

The leader of the Green Party also appealed to the leadership of the Russian Federation, pointing out that environmental disasters know no borders and that effects of such a disaster will be felt first of all by the residents of Russia.

He called on the Russian authorities to withdraw from Ukraine’s borders, to cancel the military exercises scheduled for the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine, and to stop financing separatists, terrorists, and acts of sabotage in Ukraine.

Moscal urged the international community to intensify its diplomatic and economic pressure on Russia over its aggression against Ukraine .The losses to individual countries (of imposing sanctions –Ed.) will be miniscule compared to the ecological consequences that may occur in the event of full-scale military operations on the territory of Ukraine, he concluded.



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