Ukrainians in London march for peace in Vyshyvankas

On Sunday 18th May 2014 at 2.30pm: One thousand Ukrainians dressed in traditional embroidered shirts gathered outside Downing Street to take part in a March for Peace.


As the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate, Ukrainians in London want to send a message to the world that they want peace in their country.

On a day where traditionally the national dress of Ukraine is celebrated, Ukrainians displayed their beautiful traditions and culture.

Liliya Romanyszyn, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian protest group London Euromaidan said “Today we showed the world that Ukrainians don’t just wear helmets and camouflage. Most Ukrainians want to live in a peaceful, democratic country where they get to vote freely in well-governed elections without the presence of Russian-sponsored terrorists.”

London Euromaidan demand:

  • An end to Russia interference in Ukrainian affairs
  • Full economic isolation of Russia including ‘Iran-style’ sanctions
  • US and UK to uphold its commitments to the Budapest Memorandum in which they promised to uphold the territorial integrity of Ukraine
  • Support to the Ukrainian elections in the form of observers, monitors and peacekeepers – in particular in eastern Ukraine where Russian-sponsored terrorists threaten to stop the elections from taking place on 25 May.

For more information or to arrange interviews please contact London spokespersons: Chrystyna 07734393815 Email:

Further information:

  • Event information:
  • Route of London March: Whitehall – Northumberland Avenue – Pall Mall – St James Street – Piccadilly – Hyde Park Corner – Park Lane – Bayswater – Holland Park
  • Ukrainians wore ‘vyshyvanky’ – tradition embroidered blouses and shirts.
  • There was entertainment along the way including singing and children’s performances.
  • The Ukrainian community in London formed a group called London EuroMaidan who has been the most vocal, active and visible diaspora community throughout the events, holding continuous protests since November.  To date there have been over 160 demonstrations alongside our two month 24 hour vigil.
  • A 24-hour vigil has been taking place on Whitehall opposite Downing Street for over two months.  This has far surpassed the Revolution in Kyiv in 2004 and is the only one of it’s kind to ever exist anywhere in the world
  •  London Euromaidan supports the petition to the White House to designate Russia as “State sponsor of terrorism”: which has only 48 hours to run; we insist on our colleagues to spread the word to ensure we obtain the last 20,000 signatures before the deadline on May 23rd 2014.

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