The (Internal) Battles Over Ukrainian Presidency Continue

The (Internal) Battles Over Ukrainian Presidency Continue.

Voices of Ukraine

Dmytro Hnap, Ukrainian journalist and community activist had some pointed questions for Ukrainian Presidential Candidate Yulia Tymoshenko:

Comfort for Tymoshenko from the Family of Yanukovych

Obviously, Yulia is not fond of public transportation. Seems like she is against cars, too. She loves airplanes!

She even flew to Sumy today, as her associate MP Oleh Medunytsya wrote in his Facebook page.

My colleague–the meticulous and professional investigator Kateryna Kaplyuk, found that Tymoshenko flew to Sumy on an airplane from the Urga company. Medunytsya proved this himself.

However, there is a piquant detail: Urga belongs to Eduard Stavyskiy – the former Minister of Energy and one of the key members of the Family of Yanukovych. Stavyskiy participated in the theft of many Ukrainian resources and presented Yanukovych with Mezhyhirya.

It is in Stavyskiy’s home where, after he fled from Ukraine, 42 kilograms of gold and nearly $5…

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