“Vegetables and rice here are everything”

CRIMEA: “Vegetables and rice here are everything.”

Voices of Ukraine

By ibigdan , blog post.
Translated by Alex Howard and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Due to the shortage of water in Crimea, the entire rice crop was destroyed. Here is a discussion in a profile group [on VKontakte, or the ‘Russian Facebook’].

Antimaidan group 2

“Not so long ago, the Russians destroyed the rice crop in Crimea.

What is this “culture of [rice] sowing”? Let’s try to get to the bottom of this.

For rice not to go bad, it’s ground with talcum powder, a powerful carcinogen. 67% of Asians who consume rice exclusively develop cancer of the stomach and intestine. Moreover, talcum powder is well known for it’s role in incurable type 2 diabetes.

Studies have shown that there are harmful microbes, spread from feces, in 78.6% of rice. Medical literature teems with euphemisms for food poisoning: “level of forms of coliform bacteria,” ”aerobic count…” but behind…

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