A Voice From Slavyansk – May 23, 2014

William's Euromaidan Chronicle



Translator’s introduction, May 14, 2014:  A friend of the Facebook group, Euromaidan News in English, in Donetsk oblast solicited this narrative from a resident of Slavyansk. It provides a valuable insider’s point of view on the current situation, from a long-time local resident. Translation is from the Russian, please forgive errors in English.

The Root of the problem

If anyone had told me back in September this would be happening here, I would have laughed at them. I don’t want to elevate Ukrainians, or Russians, above other peoples…but you can understand how such conflicts could happen in Egypt, or in Syria, where religious differences can fuel such disagreements. I never expected to see such conflicts here. The anti-east and anti-west feelings here—they are being stirred up by politicians. Friends from western Ukraine, and Kyiv, are constantly saying me—“come stay with us,” “let us help you,” and so on…

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