Deserter Caught in the Donbas – May 22, 2014

William's Euromaidan Chronicle




Photo Shared by Euromaidan Activist Vitaliy Umanets on Facebook May 23, 2014

(Translation by William Risch, Georgia College)

“My First Prisoner”

A prisoner taken while still warm, this very night. In the building he and three other fuckups (vyrodky) were overstaying their welcome in with a family (a mother and two daughters, aged 6 and 9; they lost their father 4 years ago in an accident)… After her home was seized, the mother and her children moved in with friends; she has no relatives in town… When she was passing through a nearby village yesterday, she complained to us. We weren’t able to tell the special units about it. They had a lot of work over the night, though they weren’t that far away from us… We got a group together, we rolled in (I’m not adding photos of the bodies of the other three, they’re a different…

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