Italian journalist killed by terrorists, Tymchuk says

Ukrainian army soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint on the road between Izyum to Slavyansk

Checkpoint near Slovyansk. Photograph: Genya Savilov/AFP/Getty Images

The group Information Resistance believes the deaths of an Italian journalist and his interpreter and the wounding of a French photojournalist in eastern Ukraine resulted from mortar shelling by terrorist groups near Slovyansk.

Information Resistance representative Dmytro Tymchuk, director of the Center of Military and Political Research, commented on the incident on his Facebook, reports Espreso.TV, May 24. According to Tymchuk, the mortar attack on the journalists was carried out near the railway crossing near Slovyansk.

“The nearest ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) operations in the area were on the Karachun mountain. According to data of the Information Resistance, during the entire day of May 24, Ukrainian security forces did not use mortar in the area,” he wrote.

“Additionally, the report (attributing) the killing and wounding of the journalists to automatic weapons of the Ukrainian security forces is not valid. Especially since the distance from the scene of the events and the closest position of ATO forces is at least 1.5 kilometers,” he said.

Tymchuk also pointed out that simultaneously, and for the previous 24 hours, terrorist groups in Slovyansk were carrying out repeated mortar shelling of Ukrainian law enforcement positions.

As reported, Saturday night, May 24, near Slovyansk, Italian journalist Andrea Rocchelli and his interpreter, Andrey Mironov, were killed. The French journalist William Roguelon was wounded. Italy has officially confirmed the death of Rocchelli.



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