SOS Request For Medical Supplies to Ukraine

downloadSOS Request from doctors in Ukraine to anyone traveling there in the next few days.

If possible bring the following to Ukraine (items for treating gunshot wounds, heavy trauma). The items listed are not available in Ukraine, and cannot be shipped to Ukraine without special permission because they qualify as medical supplies, and are not certified in Ukraine. That is why we ask for volunteers to carry them in suitcases into Kyiv

If the items are already in Ukraine, they can be brought to Yaroslavy Val 9, enter the door where the sign reads Astra Bureau Perekladiv, go up the steps, and give it to the person sitting at the desk on the second floor.

If the items are being ordered in the US, please deliver them to

c/o Esteban A. Kaczurak
136 Second Avenue # 601
New York, NY. 10003

All questions direct to:


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