Donetsk airport freed, terrorists destroyed



Donetsk Airport, May 26, 2014, AFP Photo/ Yannis Behrakis

The militants who seized the Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev International Airport have been almost completely destroyed, reports Ukrainska Pravda, citing a report by the press officer of the Armed Forces Oleksiy Dmytrashkovskyy on the Donetsk City website, Monday, May 26.

“The militants who were in the terminal have been almost completely destroyed,” Dmytrashkovskyy said. He noted that on May 26, during the military operation, militants repeatedly appealed to the Antiterrorist Operation (ATO) leadership ” with requests for negotiations.”

“Especially ‘Abver’ ( Serhiy Zdrylyuk, the right hand of Igor Girkin, AKA ‘Strelok’) made the appeal several times and tried to reach an agreement on rescue and exit from Donetsk,” Dmytrashkovskyy said.

He announced that so far there is no confirmed data on losses among the ATO forces. He also reported that, according to the militants themselves, more than 150 militants were killed and 300 wounded during the military operation

However, accurate data on the numbers killed and wounded will be available Tuesday, May 27, because the investigators will inspect the site then,” Dmytrashkovskyy said. He confirmed that the Donetsk airport is now under the control of Ukrainian security forces.

“If they (the militants) try to seize it again, they will receive the same bitter pill as today,” he concluded.

At the same time, the head of the ATO Media Center Vladyslav Selesnyov stated in his press release that an ultimatum had been issued to the militants that those who lay down their arms will be guaranteed safety. After the terrorists rejected these conditions, the operation to neutralize them began.

The health department of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration stated that, as of 23.00 on Monday, 15 people with gunshot wounds were admitted to the hospitals of the city, reported the News of Donbas. Doctors are continuing to work and to deliver the victims to medical establishments. Specialists are working on-site. Official data on fatalities will be available when the victims begin to be delivered to the morgues, the news outlet said.


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