Yaroslava Perminova: Sloviansk – Reporting from Hell

Yaroslava Perminova: Sloviansk – Reporting from Hell

Voices of Ukraine

Yaroslava Perminova, artist from Kyiv Yaroslava Perminova, artist from Kyiv

By Yaroslava Perminova 24.05.2014
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Just some thoughts out loud… And the only thing I feel like saying is – EFFING SHIT.

The day before yesterday, we returned from hell. Got a call from some friends, who asked to get their child out of Sloviansk. They just called and asked if there’s any way we could take their boy, a four-year-old. The way they said it… I felt my whole heart turn upside down.

We got a car. Eventually – because for a long time, no one agreed to go. Understandable. Thanks to our boss – he paid for the trip. We set out, without any spares, but with a few extra cans of gas, just in case. God bless our driver, an ex-military. We flew there like bats out of hell.

They [my friends] live on the edge…

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