Sergii Gorbachov: Social Media Saves Voter Voices

Sergii Gorbachov: Social Media Saves Voter Voices

Voices of Ukraine

By Sergii Gorbachov, Deputy Head at Precinct Election Commission for May 25, 2014 Presidential Elections.
05.28.2014, FB status
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

I’m starting to come back to my senses after the race of the last [few] days [Presidential Elections of May 25]–it’s time to note some interesting occurrences.

Young people from Crimea (a guy and a girl) were issued a certificate about the voting place change, and in the morning of May 25 came to vote in our precinct in Kyiv. But trouble ensued–members of the precinct election commission [PEC] couldn’t find them on the list–and as a Deputy Head of the PEC, I was forced to apologize and tell them that they wouldn’t be able to vote.

This situation troubled me a lot: after all, they showed a document from the State Register about adding them to our lists–and their absence [on the lists]…

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