Account from Slovyansk

I managed to get through to my friends from Slovyansk on the phone! Facepalmreally, the only reason we were able to talk is because two of them left for Kharkiv and so got their connection back, as there’s no connection in Slovyansk. There’s no civil war or civic support there to speak of. These were thugs from the outset, and many residents realized that. Drunks and psychos took to the barricades in small numbers. So-called ‘mayor’ is a local thug and, it sounds like, also a heroin addict. Then, the looting started. Banks and cash-transit vehicles got robbed, banks are not operating, and people aren’t getting their salaries or pensions paid for 3-4 months. Everyone who could do so fled. Armed men are walking house to house, just to check what you got in there. You can’t refuse to let them in, as those who are trying to guard their property are shot. People stopped going to work, as it’s too dangerous. People get killed on the streets – some by random fire, some by snipers – while others have their cars hijacked.

Thugs enter the residential areas in their cars and fire any weapons they have from there – then, in about 20 minutes, they go into hiding in houses elsewhere. In the meantime, response from the Ukrainian army arrives. Some people have their backyards hit; others have their houses hit. Some have lost their houses, while others have lost their whole families. There’re lots of killed people. The number of thugs is huge, there were about 4K of them prior to the referendum, and it only skyrocketed afterwards. There’s no fuel in the city – just whatever people have in their cars’ tanks, that’s all. Yet, the thugs are driving around all the time. They confiscated minibuses, SUVs, etc. from businessmen. Cars are being confiscated all the time. Those who are noticed giving help to the Ukrainian army are executed on the spot; one man was shot in front of his kids and wife just for taking some water to the soldiers. They creep into all the buildings, everywhere, turning everything into a dump. My acquaintances are forced to constantly go and negotiate with the thugs in order to avoid having all of their production facilities looted, but there’s nothing that can stop them, they can drive in their armored personnel carriers anywhere they want to and hide from gunfire. They are destroying the city completely. There’s no work, no infrastructure, nothing left. We have no idea how to go on living. It’s also not clear what the people are eating. For now, it’s possible to drive out from and into the city, but all cars and all belongings are turned inside out.

Local police – bitches – are telling people they should not leave Donbas, because there is Right Sector keeping guard on the Kharkiv highway and immediately firing at all cars with Donetsk license plates. Those bitches should be put up against a wall.

We drove 30 km away from Slovyansk, and there are no signs of war out there whatsoever.

Source: Dyvanna Sotnya FB post

Translated by Olga Ruda

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6 thoughts on “Account from Slovyansk

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  2. It is clear that what has been described in this short article is the inevitable consequences of an armed take-over by pro-Russian terrorists. These well-equipped military juntas are continually contacting Putin’s propaganda machine to request direct Russian military intervention. As with the Crimea, all human rights are violated without recourse to proper judicial authorities. There is no rule of civilian law or International Geneva Conventions that protect the Ukrainian citizens within their own country as long as these military insurrectionists are permitted to roam the streets of a free and independent Ukraine, whether in Slavyansk, Donetsk, Luhansk, or wherever.

    USA weapons and military equipment will likely be delayed until after the 7th June 2014 celebrations and inauguration of the new President Petro Poroshenko. But even as I pen these words, I am sure that large shipments of small arms and other military equipment is already being packaged to be shipped to Ukraine, to arrive in time for the USA-Ukraine military exercises to take place next month (in June). The painful realization is clear in this poignant article that there is no law, nor order in Slavyansk as even the local Police are corrupt and working on the side of the enemy. No doubt after these aliens have been removed from Ukrainian soil, these local Ukrainian Police will request amnesty (as if they were compelled to do whatever they were told to do?!). To be clear, these armed pro-Russian soldiers operating in Ukraine have no respect for human life and request no respect for their lives as well. (As the Chair of the terrorist group in Luhansk declared only a few days ago: “According to the laws of war, anyone who violates the laws of their cause, deserves to be liquidated”. So, they have signed their own death sentence in violating the peace-loving laws of Ukraine as stated by their own words!).

    What needs to be kept in one’s mind despite the horrid situation of armed conflict in Slavyansk (and elsewhere in Ukraine) is that the days of all of these terrorists is numbered. Most likely sometime immediately following the arrival of USA troops, Romanian troops and Polish troops in Ukraine for military exercises next month, there will be a complete mop-up of terrorist operations there. The border between Ukraine and Russia will be sealed off with large numbers of Ukrainian military and security forces as well as a complete encirclement of these militants that will continue to shrink until every last one of them is either shot, executed or sent to trial for war crimes.

    What is most important for the residents in these war zones to do is the obvious: vacate and disappear as soon as possible from these hot spots, as the immediate future will prove deadly for anyone caught in the cross-hairs between friendly and unfriendly fire. Forget about your material possessions until now and flee for your lives (as a large number of citizens have done already). As it is clear that there is no possibility for work, no infrastructure, no respect nor rapport with these murdering marauders roaming the streets, then the sole remaining option is clear: until the enemy is destroyed, it is useless and foolish to trust the enemy to simply leave you in peace.

    Neither the warlords, nor Ukrainian Oligarchs, nor perhaps Putin himself (it seems?!) is able to control this ragtag mob of criminals. The only remaining option for these traitors of Ukraine is to have them removed from Ukrainian soil, whether in body bags or as POWs (prisoners of war): their fate is certain. And if these gangsters imagine to themselves that Putin will protect them in their final hour, they are wholly mistaken. For the old adage is still true: The devil himself will not support his own children in their last day.

    • I think removal in body bags is the preferred option. They aren’t POWs bexUse they aren’t wearing identifiable insignia as required by the Geneva Convention. Under it, anyone found to be Russian military is subject to execution as a spy because they aren’t in their identifiable military clothing. War crimes trials take too long and do you really want to see creeps like that bearded criminal who admits to being Russian have a world stage? Body bags are quicker and safer. The people in them can’t come back and hurt you on a later date.

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