General and 9 military killed near Slovyansk


Ukrainian military helicopter a few minutes before being shot down

Ukraine’s ATO (Antiterrorism operation) confirms the deaths of 10 military in the helicopter that had been shot down near Slovyansk.

In the helicopter shot down by terrorists near Slovyansk, 10 military were killed — not 14 as earlier reported by Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov, announced ATO spokesman Vladyslav Sleznov, reports Expreso TV, citing UNIAN, May 29.

“I confirm that today in the Slovyansk region a helicopter was shot down. We are determining the weapon used: a grenade launcher or MANPADS. The helicopter belonged to the National Guard of Ukraine. On board was the staff, which was carrying food for the roadblocks. Information on casualties is being determined. I heard what Turchynov said, but, according to my information, there were 10 people on board,” Seleznev said.

Earlier, Turchynov had reported in the Verkhovna Rada that 14 military, including General Serhiy Kulchytsky, had been killed. “I want you to understand that a real war is taking place in the East,” he said.

Journalist Arkadiy Babchenko wrote about the event on his Facebook page

“The (helicopter) arrived in Karachun, unloaded, took off and was shot down. Apparently it had been spied on. There were two explosions — one in the air, the other one during the fall. As far as we can tell, no one survived. So sorry about the pilots. They were great guys. Polite, decent. A real pity,” he wrote.

Earlier it had been reported that ATO was undertaking a full-scale operation using artillery and aviation. However, ATO staff later denied this information, explaining that the active shooting and explosions in Slovyansk were the result of clashes between the bandit groups.

ATO leadership also stressed that Ukrainian security forces have not used the Grad multi rocket launcher to launch volley fire, as some media reported, since the main goal of ATO is to neutralize terrorists while minimizing losses among the civilian population.

Translation: Anna Mostovych



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