How Ukrainian Politicians Speak English (Video)

Today Ukrainians have a dignified “face” – the President, the Head of Government, Ministers, the Head of the Capital City… all of them speak English and other foreign languages. In comparison with the previous government, some representatives of which had difficulties learning even the state Ukrainian language, the current one, “in the language issue,” evokes awe and respect in Ukraine and outside of the country.

Today, the leading individuals in the country are demonstrating a different level. One can even speak of a certain heritage, as in the middle of the 90s individual representatives of the highest Ukrainian establishment spoke several foreign languages fluently at the same time. At the time it was a breakthrough.

Contemporary politicians, openly stating their pro-European development vector, can communicate with Western diplomats as equals. Ukraine has returned to the high standards in politics stated before. Educated people are opening new perspectives for the country!


Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina

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6 thoughts on “How Ukrainian Politicians Speak English (Video)

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  3. Whatever it takes for Ukraine to become a part of the world community of free and independent nations. Congratulations on your newly democratically elected president.

  4. Kiev has one of the sexier Mayors in the world and it doesn’t matter really if he speaks English or not!

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