Maidan Not To Disperse: Civil Communities Sign Manifesto

ьфшвфтThe vow of the will-be mayor Vitalii Klitschko to clear Khreschatyk Street from protester’s tents to enable traffic in Kyiv had provoked Maidan civil communities to create and sign a Manifesto on the development of Maidan.

Manifesto from the Maidan Civil Communities regarding the development of the Maidan following May 2014

We, the organizations, that not only physically reside on the Maidan, but also those that wish to preserve its spirit and the spirit of the changes it ignited in Ukraine, understand that the physical Maidan space is currently in the state that is not always respectful of the legacy of the people who gave their lives for the cause. The start of the “unannounced war” and the lead up to presidential elections have diverted the resources and enthusiasm of Ukrainian activists beyond the physical space of the Maidan.

Instead of voicing criticisms towards the Maidan and their desire to get rid of it (something that will never happen), we call upon politicians, diplomats and other government officials to join us in developing a Ukrainian memorial space.

Because of this, we would like to announce that:

  • Maidan is a political entity and is a guarantor of the Ukrainian constitution;
  • Maidan is a system of civil control over the government;
  • There needs to be a dialogue between Maidan and the government, a discussion that should also include citizens of Kyiv;
  • We would like to reform the Maidan “Sotnias” into a municipal police force;

Maidan will not disperse until its demands are met:

  • Punishment of criminals;
  • Lustration;
  • Government reform;
  • Integrating the role of the civil society into the Ukrainian Constitution;
  • Punishment of those responsible for deaths and torture of activists;
  • Creating a self-governing territorial community in Kyiv;

Regarding Maidan’s physical space:

  • Maidan must remain, but it requires changes in its structure and architecture. The new aesthetics should be determined through a community contest (architectural designs as to the Maidan’s future);
  • The Maidan must be preserved within the space of the original barricades (1-4) until its transformation into a center for civil community development;
  • The visual aesthetic of the Maidan must be upheld and remain until the establishment of a new space, which will be safe for the civil community and serve as a reminder to politicians of the power of the Maidan;
  • Areas of the Maidan must remain a pedestrian space;
  • Maidan is a center for the inception of civil initiatives and their development. It is important to create a space that facilitates the development of such initiatives;
  • Civil hearings must be held in regards to the future of the Kyiv City Hall;
  • Transform the Trade Union House into a civil community center;
  • With the purpose of uniting Ukraine and facilitating dialogue between provinces, we propose installing the necessary conditions for creating video bridges across city squares in major cities.

Politicians were not the ones to start the Maidan, and they will not be ones to disperse it! 

Organizations that took part in creating this Manifesto:

CSO “New Country”, Maidan Lustration Committee, Central Parliament of the Maidan Sotnyas, 4th Sotnya, 14 Kolmoyiska Sotnya, 28 Self-Defense Sotnya, 33rd Sotnya, Zhytomyr Sotnya, Commandant Sotnya, Crimean Sotnya, CSO “Combat Sotnya”, “White Hammer”, Afghan War Veterans of the Maidan, “Organization of Veterans of Ukrainian Marine Forces”, “Media city”, Chervonograd Sotnya, CSO “Action Generation”, representative priest of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Ivano-Frankivsk Metropolitan Church, representative priest of the Apostol Orthodox Church, representative of the “Holy Mountain” monastery, “Automaidan”, Civil Parliament of the Maidan, Coordination-Parliament of the Maidan, Parliament of the Maidan, “Open University of the Maidan”, Central Parliament of the Maidan Sotnyas, Civil Watch, Anti-Corruption Maidan Committee, Euromaidan PR, IT-tent, “Tribunal Proceedings”, ataman of the Ukrainian-Cossack Army, Cossack Parliament of the Maidan, CSO “Auto Watch”, Working Group of the Municipal Police Force, World Ukrainian Congress, Parliament of Civil Initiatives, “Reanimational Reform Packet”, CSO “Clear Sky”, representative of the 2nd Sotnya, “Search Initiative”, “Anticor”, CSO “Vradievka Walk”


Khreschatyk Street. 7/11, 2nd floor
096 929 3990; 050 190 3330

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5 thoughts on “Maidan Not To Disperse: Civil Communities Sign Manifesto

  1. This is wonderful. I hope that the Kyiv city government has really changed for the better and will listen to the voice of its constituents in the Maidan.

  2. I personally thought that the latest remark by Vitalii Klitschko, the next mayor of Kyiv, to clear or remove the Maidan complex (barricades) was premature as well.
    The future Kyiv mayor was in a rush a bit too much, in my view, so he needs to consult the people of the Maidan again before such a work of removal begins.

    I am a foreigner so I would not tell the mayor or the Maidan activists what to do.
    But it would be very normal for the city of Kyiv to build a memorial in the Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) to commemorate the hundreds of victims (if not one thousand of murdered and/or missing) of the deadly attacks by the former government of Mr Yanukovich of last winter.
    A work to clear the Maidan barricades can wait. Such a work should not be started in a rush.

    Considering the incredible loss of life in the Independence Square during last winter, it would be necessary for the city of Kyiv and the Ukrainian government to build a national memorial inside the Square to honour the victims and to perpetuate their memory.
    Without such a plan of a national memorial there, the people at the Maidan will not be persuaded to clear the place.

    The Independence Square was remodelled about one decade ago, as far as I remember, when a huge protest was engulfing Kyiv before the so-called Orange Revolution. Let us revisit the recent history of its remodelling, quoting the Wikipedia:
    In 2001, as the square was the major center of the “Ukraine without Kuchma” mass protest campaign, the new extensive construction of the area was abruptly ordered by the Kiev mayor of the time, Oleksandr Omelchenko. The square was fenced off for construction and became inaccessible for the protesters and many observers claimed that the main goal of the project ordered by the city mayor was to disrupt the protests,[6][7][8][9] especially since similar tactics were commonly used by local authorities throughout Ukraine.
    Following the construction, the old familiar look of the square, with its many fountains, was significantly altered and the public reaction to the new look of the square was mixed at first.[10] However, by now (…)

    So, the Independence Square today is different from its original state before the remodelling of 2001 because of a political decision which aimed to exclude the protesters back then. I had an opportunity to visit Kyiv and the Maidan before this remodelling of 2001 took place.
    More than a decade later, the same place became a bloody combat zone, unfortunately.
    If so, it would be normal today for Kyiv and Ukraine to build a special memorial for the victims of the atrocities of last winter in the same Independence Square and, maybe, correct some of the wrongs the latest remodelling in 2001 made in the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square).

    The Euro Maidan movement has reclaimed the old Maidan Nezalezhnosti which was lost in 2001 because of the political remodelling and arbitrary exclusion of protesters, which is described in the brief history (quoted) above.
    So, a similar political exclusion like that by a new Kyiv Mayor should never happen in there.
    Instead, a national memorial for this modern history and the victims will have to be built there, in my humble opinion.

  3. I feel very sorry for you according to me the whole thing was
    ** For Kuchma-Pinchuck-Oligarchs to regain power.
    ** For the EU-leaders it was a tool to block Russia.
    There is no EU politician who want Ukraine in the EU. Mr van Baalen the EU MP that visited Euromaidan in February, declared in the Netherlands on national TV he will never ever allow Ukraine in the EU. So this guy is your best friend in Europe!!
    I visited the website of Yatsenyuk I did not find anything on political reform on his website. Only a partner link to the Kuchma clan and a link to the NATO and the State Department.
    NATO is not an organisation for the people!! NATO does not care about political reforms.
    See what happens with Afghanistan. NATO and the US did transform it in a narco-state!!
    Forget the unelected technocrats as Mrs Ashton and the US backed NGO’s try to find European- US-Russian grassroots organisations that are not bracket by the wealthy oligarchs.
    Try to be independent!
    Without doubt within 2 years you are back, I am sure nothing has changed.

  4. Do watch the crowd-control spending of Mr Klitchko.
    Because as nothing change and you will be back within two year, EU partners will advise to acquire advanced crowd-control equipment.

    Cameron urges Bahrain’s King Hamad (far worse than Yanukovich) to implement reforms

    Water cannon: a shocking device that could transform British policing

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