Top-5 Oligarchs Who Have Become Enemies of Russia

Olga Lukinova, May 28th

Espreso.TV has made a rating of oligarchs, which in light of recent events in Ukraine, have become undesirables in Russia.

Kolomoyskiy offended the Kremlin. 

Igor Kolomoyskiy has taken the honorary first place in our rating. He began the list of affairs discordant to the Northern neighbour as soon as he took the governor’s seat. First the organised a safari for terrorists which Russia is caring for – he promised a monetary reward: $1 thousand for every rifle, $1,5 thousand for every machine gun, $2 thousand for a grenade launcher, and $10 thousand for every “green man.”

After this, he created his own army, quickly eliminated the fledgling separatism in the region and began fighting the pro-Russian mercenaries in Dobas. However the worst part is that he infringed on the most sacred – he publicly called Putin a short schizophrenic. “He is completely inadequate, he has gone completely nuts. His messianism, the renewal of the Russian Empire of 1913 or the USSR of 1991 may lead the world to catastrophe.”

The Russian President reacted in offense: “In Dnipropetrovsk Mr. Kolomoyskiy was given power – he is an elementary machinator, a few years ago he even fooled out oligarch Abramovich.” Simultaneously, the entire herd of Putin’s sheep attacked Kolomoyskiy in unison. First “Moskomprivatbank” was temporarily handed over to the administration of the Russian Central Bank on March 6th, 2014, which forced Igor Valeriyovich to put up his Moscow subsidiary for sale. Kazakhstan businessman Ermek Taychibekov announced a reward of 1mn roubles for the deposition or detainment of Kolomoyskiy, having established a savvy deadline of the “hunt” on May 1st of the current year.

Gosduma member Mikhail Merkelov began demanding for Kolomoyskiy to be removed from Jewish religious organisations. Also the MP wrote a letter to Israel with the demand to void Kolomoyskiy of his Israeli citizenship, freeze all of his bank accounts and arrest all of his property. Even the obscure “Cyber-Berkut” became interested in him, which uncovered all the schemes of Igor Valeriyovich’s punishment operations. And the Russian mass media started writing about Kolomoyskiy more frequently than about Putin or Medvedev. As a rule, mostly disgusting lies.

Bakhmatiuk had a bad “dinner” 

The private agrarian magnate Oleg Bakhmatiuk suddenly appeared in our rating after becoming the hero of TV channel “Rossiya 24.” The journalists dedicated several reports to his dinner at a restaurant with the Minister for Justice Pavlo Petrenko, and presented it as nothing less than a “Masonic conspiracy.” And in the report itself, the Russians compared Bakhmatiuk with Kolomoyskiy and nearly called him enemy number 2.

The authors of the reports immediately got interested as to why the Minister would have dinner with the billionaire. And they found the answer. According to “Rossiya 24,” Bakhmatik owes USD600mn to the Russian SberBank, however he is truing to avoid his obligations and cheat the Russian bank with the help of the Ministry of Justice. It should be noted that the remaining debt before Sberbank is much lower than the announced sum. Besides it is a mystery how the Ukrainian Minister for Justice would help avoid paying the debt back to the Russians.

According to the Russian journalists, the proof of conspiracy is that the meeting was held in one of the most expensive restaurants in Kyiv without ties and, as they say, they ate lobster shell soup as the appetiser and a tenderloin stake for the entree. It should be noted that the menu of the dinner is not visible on the photo, and it is no more than the result of the authors’ wild imagination.

Akhmetov betrayed by the beep 

Having vacillated for a long time between the “Light and Dark Sides,” the richest person in the country Rinat Akhmetov finally determined his attitude to the terrorists and the PRD. He led the workers of his facilities in a warning strike against separatism, which was deemed “the beep” by the public, as the meeting began with a beep at all Donbas production plans “in support of peace and against bloodshed.” And he called the representatives of the so-called PRD “a bunch of bandits terrorising Donbas and which in the nearest future will be chased out.” Right after this, the Russian information space exploded in an entire fountain of analytical articles regarding the oligarch’s shameful actions. And the leadership of the PRD stated the nationalisation of his facilities and began with Akhmetov’s residence in Donetsk.

Taruta did not survive competition with Pushilin

Donetsk governor Sergiy Taruta ended up on Russia’s “to destroy” list after standing at the wheel of the biggest separatist fire. His primary position as the mediator who tried to solve the issue with talks did not impress neither the separatists nor their Russian master. PRD mercenaries have numerous times attacked the office of ISD company which once belonged to Taruta and occupied his hotel “Victoria,” where the regional administration worked in the recent days.

A part of Sergiy Taruta’s assets have been arrested in Cyprus – FC “Metalurg” and the off shore account with part of the “Industrial Union of Donbas” stocks. The excuse for these sanctions was the plaint of the Russian bank VTB, which back in 2008-2011 gave loans to “Yenisey Plywood Factory” (which began the procedure of going bankrupt) on an overal sum of $203200000. Taruta himself did not lend money at VTB, however he was the responsible person for more than $30mn. It should be noted that the Cyprus Court needed 4 days in order to investigate the plaint and make a decision. The experts consider this another loop of Russian sanctions for disobedience.

Vadaturskiy got hooked because of carelessness 

Director of “NIBULON,” Hero of Ukraine, Olexiy Vadaturskiy ended up under the Kremlin’s watchful due after, having taken Kolomoyskiy as an example, stated that he was ready to pay a reward for help in detainment of collaborationists, conspirators and pro-Russian separatists which are trying to infringe on the constitutional order and integrity of Ukraine. He also stated the intention to equip the “People’s Militia” of Mykoliv and equip the roadblocks at the entrances to the city. Besides, Olexiy Afanasievich called Putin a liar: “We see how the head of the Russian Federation is lying, publicly denying the presence of the Russian army on Crimean territory, and thus on sovereign territory of Ukraine. We see how he is lying to Russian citizens, how he is lying to the entire world, and this means to Ukrainians as well.” So far Vadaturskiy has not been “rewarded” with an according reaction, however as experience shows, this is only a question of time.

Source: EspresoTV

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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