Ukraine rejects Russia’s “humanitarian aid”


Statement of Information Policy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to the official note of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation regarding so-called “Russian humanitarian aid” in Eastern Ukraine, May 29, 2014

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has considered the request of the Russian side to give it the opportunity to provide so-called humanitarian assistance in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

We believe this proposal is nothing other than another element of propaganda, which has as its goal to demonstrate, especially to the Russian consumer, the supposed “good intentions” of the Kremlin by taking advantage of the difficult situation that Russia has itself provoked in the eastern regions of Ukraine for its own narrow political interests.

In practice, it is specifically because of the actions taken by the Russian side in the East of our country that so far peace and stability have not been reestablished. Russia has not shown any willingness to de-escalate the conflict and to stabilize the situation. From the territory of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian-Russian border is being systematically violated by armed terrorist groups who kill, terrorize, and intimidate the citizens of Ukraine. Therefore, we should not discount the likelihood that the gimmick of the so-called humanitarian aid is nothing other than a veiled attempt to help Russian mercenaries and terrorists who now find themselves in a difficult situation due to the success of the antiterrorist operations.

Yesterday the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine sent an official response to the request by the Russian side regarding the humanitarian aid. In the document, we proposed that Moscow should focus instead on meeting the many requests for humanitarian aid from the residents of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, which has been annexed by Russia.

We officially expressed our concern that numerous warnings from the international community regarding the rapid deterioration of conditions on the Ukrainian peninsula as a result of the Russian occupation have not received an adequate response from Russia.

In the note, the Ministry has once again called on the Russian side to ensure the rapid and steady fulfillment of its obligations to Ukraine and the world and prevent further deterioration of the situation on Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, which is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster as a result of Russian armed aggression.

Translation: Anna Mostovych


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