If Russia Stops Financing Terrorists, the Situation in the East of Ukraine Will Be Solved Within One-Two Weeks

May 28th

“If Russia is out of the game, we will solve the situation in the East of Ukraine within a week or two. But while Russia is supporting and financing the terrorists, giving them access to Ukrainian territory – this creates enormous difficulties,” emphasised the Prime Minister of Ukraine at the Energy Security Summit in Berlin this Wednesday, May 28th. 

He emphasised that Ukraine is currently in an extraordinarily difficult situation. According to Arseniy Yatseniuk, there is no single instrument to solve the problem: “There are a number of ways, and the key way to go for us is to have peaceful talks with everyone who wants peace and a united country.”

The head of the government noted that starting his first days on the post he “has addressed the East of Ukraine clearly with that the government will protect the Russian-speaking minority”: “And we are doing it.”

He also reminded that the government has stated the readiness to conduct decentralisation of government and give power to the local governments: “This is all the Ukrainian people are asking for. We have to change the Constitution, and the process has to be all-reaching.”

“We will do everything we can in order to keep peace and stability and for Ukraine to be a single, united democratic state,” he emphasised.

On the other hand, Arseniy Yatseniuk emphasised, the situation in the East of Ukraine is escalating: “Trucks full of ammunition and bandits trained in Russia have crossed the Ukrainian border from the Russian side. We have addressed the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the Russian government to block the border and not to allow these bandits to cross the border and escalate the situation. But they have done nothing.”

He emphasised that these bandits “are terrorising civilian population, killing innocent Ukrainians.”

Therefore another way, according to Arseniy Yatseniuk, is to fight the terrorists: “This is the duty of every state – to protect its people.”

“We call on Russia and President Putin personally to condemn the terrorists, block the border and support Ukraine in stopping the terrorists,” emphasised the head of the government.

“We understand that the main goal of the Russian regime is to destroy the state of Ukraine. But we think that President Putin will change his mind. Russia has undermined global security, violated the UN Statute, annexed the Crimea, occupied the territory of an independent state and is supporting terrorists. And Russia is responsible for this,” he emphasised.

The head of the government noted that free and fair presidential elections were held in Ukraine.

According to him, the agenda of the Ukrainian government consists in amending the Constitution, decentralising state government, giving power to the local governments, changing the Budget Code and giving additional financial support to the regions, amending the Tax Code, improving the economical situation, “examining any issues connected with the Russian-speaking minority other issues pertinent to the East.”

“I am convinced that the newly-elected President has the same agenda, or even a wider one. And we will respond to any legitimate issues from the east, as the east is a very important part of Ukraine,” added Arseniy Yatseniuk.

Source: yatsenyuk.org.ua

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


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