“Right Sector” Will Remove Barricades and Tents from Maidan

They want to turn Maidan into an “Idea Generator,” only leaving representatives of artistic circles there. 

The party “Right Sector” intends to put Maidan Nezalezhnosti in order – remove the barricades and unblock the roads in the centre of Kyiv. This was stated by member of the political council of the party, head of the Kyiv organisation “Social-National Assembly” (Right Sector – East) Igor Krivoruchko, reports “Interfax.”

At the press conference in Kyiv this Friday Krivoruchko stated that Maidan cannot be let go neither physically nor morally, meanwhile is it “gradually degrading, sinking to the level of Anti-Maidan.”

“Now, when walking down Maidan, one can smell urine, drunk people in camouflage can be seen, which participate in conflicts or demonstrate behaviour unbecoming of a Maidaner,” said Krivoruchko.

In light of this, “Right Sector” proposes to modernise the Maidan space, “turning it from a residential place into a location for generating new ideas.”

Maidan now has to generate new ideas, and also to develop a feeling of patriotism within the Ukrainians, propagate moral values, a healthy lifestyle and other positive values,” thinks the activist.

They will start removing all military tents, which have been rendered unbecoming with time, and instead of them several modern tents of the “sphere” type will be established, in which journalists and other creative people, such as artists, writers, photographers, IT-specialists and others, will be able to work.

Barricades will be removed from the centre of Kyiv. “Now there is no sense in the barricades, we already have an elected government, there are no Russian armed forces here. Mobilisation-information points may be placed at the entrances to Maidan, at the most, and on Maidan itself – a swift reactive group, which Right Sector has been during the revolution,” said he.

The roads should be unblocked, and “the majority of the people living in the tents sent to the East to defend the country.”

The building of the Kyiv City Administration, according to him, has to be given to the Kyiv government and used according to its primary purpose – as an administrative building.

Krivoruchko admitted that not all Maidaners are ready for the disbandment.

“There are such people – and they are called moochers. Many of those currently living in tents were not here during the revolution and are now for some reason considered Maidaners and allow themselves to express their position. They don’t have such moral rights,” said the Right Sector representative.

He stated that at the moment consultation and talks with all Maidan organisation are underway, the decision will be announced on Sunday.

Source: focus.ua

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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4 thoughts on ““Right Sector” Will Remove Barricades and Tents from Maidan

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  2. Hopefully, this decision of the Right Sector, which is a small group among the Euro Maidan movement, will not lead to a death of the Euro Maidan Revolution.
    In Ukrainian TV reports posted on the YouTube website, there are already so-called negative campaign type depictions of unwanted residents/occupants of the Maidan site who are apparently unfortunate homeless people.

    Before the Kyiv City authorities and the local media including the local TV stations start a flood of smearing campaigns against the so-called unwanted occupants of the site, who have no moral rights to occupy the site in their view, I hope the Euro Maidan activists will reflect on the nature of the movement once again before it is too late…

    The Euro Maidan complex evolved from mere barricades and tents into a sort of living organism (complex) which naturally attracts unfortunate local people who have nowhere else to go.
    Outside the former Soviet Union countries, such unfortunate homeless people are supposed to be given a care and a help, not a smearing campaign by local TV stations and reporters, not to mention by political activists.

    The Maidan is now an organic complex, not merely a bunch of barricades and tents which may appear to be useless now for political leaders such as the next Kyiv Mayor and the next Ukrainian President.
    Still, it is morally wrong for the Maidan movement and the new Ukrainian political leadership to try to use a political knife (force) or a smearing campaign to cut up and flush the living organism.

    So, a so-called clearing operation of the Maidan complex needs to be done with caring hands, not cold knives.
    If there are unwanted homeless people living in the Maidan complex today, they will have to be given a care and a help, not an eviction notice from a Soviet-Police style authority.

    And this is what the word (euro) was supposed to mean.
    If the new political leaders try to use a political knife (force) to clear the Maidan today, the way the old Soviet Police treated unfortunate begging people on the street of Kyiv, their friends around the world will regard the new leadership a miserable failure who are following the steps of Mr Yanukovich and his gang or the Kremlin of the Russian Federation, betraying the spirit of the word, euro.

    I wonder if any local charity organizations (such as local churches) in Kyiv are now intervening in this issue in order to help those in the Maidan complex who have nowhere else to go.
    Evicting the unwanted and homeless occupants of the Maidan complex is an easy way, indeed, although the right way is not always easy.

    One thing is clear: so-called People Power is not a mere useful tool for political leaders to exploit.
    The new political leaders of Ukraine and Kyiv should show a deep respect to the Maidan complex and even to the unwanted occupants there today.
    Instead, now it appears that they are showing a Soviet-Police style cold bureaucracy, not respect, unfortunately.

    If the new leaders fail even a bit in this delicate issue, many people around the world will get deeply disappointed and start thinking that the so-called EuroMaidan Revolution is already dead and that the new Ukrainian leaders are not better than the backward Kremlin and Mr Putin.
    In that case, they may withdraw their support for new Ukraine soon or later as well.
    Therefore, the Euro Maidan movement has to take a very good care of this delicate issue perhaps involving local charity organizations of Kyiv, not political groups.

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