The First 600 Children from Chechnya Have Arrived to Spend Holidays in Crimea

May 31, 2014
Six hundred children from Chechnya have arrived to Crimea. The schoolboys were brought to the summer camp named “Mandarin” located in the vicinity of Bakhchysarai [the former capital of Crimea Khanate, conquered by Catherine II of Russia in late 1700s – ed].

This group of young kids will stay there for three weeks. Overall, Russia is planning to have 8 thousand of kids from Chechnya spend quality time in Crimea during the summer.  At the same time, the “Master of Chechnya” Ramzan Kadyrov claims that Ukraine does not have any Chechen armed forces – neither interior nor military.  However, he does not exclude that volunteers from Chechnya may have arrived in Donbas.  According to Kadyrov’s estimations, not more than 14 Chechen armed men are in Donbas. In meanwhile, the Chechen leader declared that should he be given an order to move military troops [into Ukraine], he will carry it out.

translated by Christine Chraibi


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2 thoughts on “The First 600 Children from Chechnya Have Arrived to Spend Holidays in Crimea

  1. ask yourself why now? and not in the last 21 year? IS ruSSia getting a heart and expressing love to Chechnya? NO WAY…It’s to fill up empty resorts and camps (potemkin camps)and as human shields in case there is any counter insurgency to recapture Crimea–Walter Derzko

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