Ukrainian Writers Protest Against Concert of Moscow Virtuosi Scheduled in Kyiv

Boycott_rusiaMay 29, 2014

Addressed to:
V. Nalyvaichenko, Head of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)
A. Deshchytsia, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Ye. Nyshchuk, Minister of Culture of Ukraine

According to Afisha-Kyiv site, a concert of the Moscow Virtuosi and its Maestro, Vladimir Spivakov will be held at the National Opera of Ukraine. As stated in the advertisement, the organizer of the concert seems to be Inter-Classic (tel: 228 -55- 66), tickets cost from 250 to 3650 UAH (!) each.  There is an especially interesting announcement note: the concert was postponed from February 23 to June 19.

We would like to bring to your attention that on March 11, Mr. Vladimir Spivakov vowed his support of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, signing a collective open letter promoted by the “Stars of Russian Culture – in support of the President’s position on Ukraine and Crimea”.

In view of today’s continued Russian aggression against Ukraine, what is the conscious part (i.e. the majority) of the Ukrainian population doing? Ukrainians have elected their President in the first round, they have refused to use Russian gas stations and effectively boycotted Russian goods!

What should a conscious Ukrainian government do in the same situation? Draw up a list of the signers of this shameful letter (all data are available on the Internet) and ban them from entering Ukraine permanently.  Today, we have a paradoxical situation where the Ukrainian community in Canada, as well as other people, protest against the Moscow Virtuosi concert at the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto, whereas the same orchestra is allowed to appear in Kyiv… because the Virtuosi tour is controlled by Inter-Classic ​​and the like.

In the meantime, other “Moscow Virtuosi” have occupied Crimea and have been terrorizing and killing Ukrainians in the eastern and southern regions for many months.  While the Ukrainian security forces continue their effiort to contain the flow of Russian terrorists into Ukraine, it is equally important to prevent ideological saboteurs from entering our country.  These are the people whose criminal and immoral stance encourages the Kremlin boss to usurp even more territory. Vladimir Spivakov’s tours would be a mockery of those who died and continue to die today due to this undeclared war against Ukraine.  If there is no immediate reaction on your part, we reserve the right to widely inform the public about your position and will take all required measures to prevent Ukrainians from being morally dishonoured and humiliated.


Serhiy Borshchevsky, Mykhailo Sydorzhevsky, Volodymyr Danylenko, Serhiy Pantyuk, Oleksiy Mykytenko, Volodymyr Bilinsky, Viktor Zhenchenko, Anatoliy Kachan, Dmytro Stelmakh, Mykhailo Shevchenko, Oleksandr Bakumenko, Vasyl Vasylashko

Comment: The Ukrainian diaspora has mobilized protesters and organized protest meetings during Spivakov and Gergiev concerts in Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, New York City, Harvard, etc.. The diaspora has reached out to the media and raised awareness of this ignominious list of cultural stars supporting Putin.

Translated by Christine Chraibi, edited by Vladislav Litosh

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