A Walk Around Maidan on June 1, 2014

A Walk Around Maidan on June 1, 2014

Voices of Ukraine

By Jonathan Barrow, Brit on the Barricades
06.01.2014, Maidan, Kyiv
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

This post has been written by our contributor who lives in Kyiv. Jonathan Barrow is originally from Britain but has been living in Ukraine for many years now and spent much of February on Maidan. 

Photo 11: The EU flag flies outside the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] (a statement of intent?) alongside the Ukrainian one.  No protests there, all is quiet and tidy.

Photo 22: A few Self-defense members are still around the Rada; unlike any time in the past, the public can now freely walk past the Rada on this footpath.  In the past, there have always been guards preventing public access.  Perhaps this is what the Self-defense are ensuring.

Photo 33.  The camped-out guys are ex-Self-defense members; also pensioners.  They told me they are camping outside the Cabinet of Ministers building in some kind of unpaid pension…

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