Animal Planet: How much did the upkeep of Yanukovich’s lover’s dogs cost the Ukrainians 

Section “Bravo” of the group “Information Resistance” continues examining documents from Mezhygirya, which we have at our disposal. Earlier we have published documents that illustrated the difficult relations the former owner of Yanukovich’s property had with animals bought for state funds. It turned out that Yanukovich’s co-habitant was exemplary in her love for animals – the sister of his cook, a middle-aged blond from Yenakiyevo Liubov Polezhai.

When the secret was discovered and the mysteries of Mezhygirya became known to the public, it turned out that the “proffessor” did not live alone, but with a sympathetic lady and her daughter Masha. While the first lady Liusya Yanukovich, an ardent revolutionary and author of the meme about drugged oranges, bought canned food in Donbas supermarkets (in the winter of 2014, when there were shootings in the Kyiv city centre), her husband and his lover were fleeing Mezhygirya, having taken the most valuable things – money, antiques and Liuba Polezhai’s doggies. But to begin with, a couple of words about the lady that lived in the residence of the now former dictator. After doing some riffing on social networks, one can easily discover that Polezhai engaged in affairs that accorded quite well with the status if not of the wife, then co-habitant of the master of the golden bread. She owned a beauty salon (not just some salon, but a VIP one!), as well as the charity fund “Road to the Future.” This is the road that tens of millions of dollars of transfers took, according to journalists (citing the numerous documents discovered in Mezhygirya after Yanukovich’s flight on February 22nd, 2014)…

Also the mass media published documents that illustrate the schemes Yanukovich’s lover used to receive various benefits in the form of posts, trips outside of the country as part of official delegations and so forth. One of the irreplaceable attributes of status for people living in the world of golden toilets are little doggies of glamorous breeds. Of course, Yanukovich’s lover had such a dog (and not just one, judging by Liubov Polezhai’s Facebook photos). The doggies lived in royal conditions – they even had a little kennel that looked like a fairy-tale castle, they frolicked on Persian rugs in Mezhygirya, they had servants tending to them. The document that speaks of the upkeep of L. Polezhai’s dogs includes sums that many Ukrainians can only dream of. Overall, 10 thousand UAH every month went to the feeding and satisfaction of the four-legged pets. When analysing the documents discovered by journalists in Mezhygirya, one can conclude that all these insane designs and decor, zoos and winter gardens were intended for the lover of the bloody dictator. According to the most austere evaluations, about 20% of all the cosmic expenses constituted these points…

Source: Sprotyv

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


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