Today in tweets – June 3

Ukraine MFA announced that Russia is promoting terrorism in Ukraine

The active phase of anti-terror operation started in Slovyansk, Krasnyi Lyman, Kramatorsk

It looks like ATO forces started from the north of Donetsk Oblast

According to different sources, from 300 to 500 terrorists were killed in Donetsk & Luhansk Oblasts today

NATO defense ministers announced their support of Ukraine’s ATO in Brussels today

Meanwhile Klitschko is officially announced as an elected mayor of Kyiv. Alltogether, 9 political parties win seats in Kyiv Counsel. Democratic Alliance makes it to the Counsel as well. There were attempts to steal votes from DA at some polling stations but its members demanded to check the documents and the fraud was discovered

A new fake was shared by Russian propagandists today, started by terrorist Girkin himself. This time they were using pics from Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989 and claimed again it was Donbas

Donations are needed to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers


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