5 typical complaints Kyiv citizens have about Maidan today

Vgorode has complied the most widespread complaints at what is happening in the very centre of the city.

Complaint #1: Kiosks

Kyiv citizens have addressed the Kyiv City Administration contact centre numerous times with the petition to take care of the kiosks on the central square of the city.

“I am asking to solve the problem with the illegal establishment of kiosks and automobile coffee machines. It is impossible to walk, it is dirty, they’re drinking alcohol right next to the tables they’ve put up. The square has to be clean, and not full of illegal kiosks,” complains a Kyiv citizen on the web site.

Complaint #2: The ban on photography and offence to Kyiv citizens

Several days ago Vgorode journalists were walking around Maidan and taking pictures of the tents. Several activists ended up in the shot. A man from the self-defence approached us immediately and, threatening to break the camera, demanded that we delete the photos in a rude fashion. During the conversation the man did not abstain from coarse language and offense, taking into account that he was talking to a woman. A similar incident was confirmed by one of our readers.

“This is true. I tried taking photographs myself. On my phone, and it was in the evening. They also threatened me, but a passer-by stood up for me. It is obvious that survivors live there, and not the protagonists of “Celebrity life,” but it was somehow unexpected to have come face-to-face with such a reaction after the ton of reports from Maidan. It seemed to me that the people there should have gotten used to the presence of cameras. Some really have, and have turned the situation in their favour. My colleagues told me how they were trying to film an interview with one of the activists and asked the pianist to play on camera. For all of this, they had to make a charitable donation – the fight with corruption is going swimmingly,” writes Sofia Kasjanenko.

Complaint #3: Armed attacks on passers-by

Our reader Eldar Avatov suffered an attack by camouflaged people in the centre of the city:

“I got mugged at night near the 24/7 pharmacy on Maidan, they took my phone and money, threatening me with a knife. A group of 8-10 guys. Half of them in military uniform.”

Complaint #4: Illegal use of force against regular people

The following situation was described by a Kyiv citizen who witnessed the incident:

“Guys, so this is Maidan for you. These freaks behave worse than Berkut, they beat and threatened the guy who sells shawarma with a knife for closing for his lunch break. A crowd of people gathered to protect him and they said that all there is on Maidan is thanks to them! So they are mega-bydlo, Yanukovich is a well-mannered person compared to them. I hate them,” writes users catcatmafia on Instagram, supporting the statement with a photo.

Complaint #5: Alcohol consumption

It is not a secret that the “dry law” on Maidan has not been adhered to for a long time.

“Unfortunately, when I go down to take the last metro train, I frequently see how huge amounts of alcohol is being bought by the self-defence, and they drink it right in the underground,” says Oleg Ptashnik.

“People with self-defence badged that are chugging beer, cursing and blocking the way are nor normal. Sorry, but the majority of those who are there now are fakes,” supposes Andriy Kobylinskiy.

Source: Vgorode

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


2 thoughts on “5 typical complaints Kyiv citizens have about Maidan today

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  2. For heavens sakes are these people stupid or are they trying to ruin Ukraine by having the Kievan people turn against them. Police need to have a chat with these hooligans. Just because they helped at the demonstrations they are not allowed to act like hooligans and harrass and threaten people. That’s unacceptable!!!! This is such unpatriot and uncivilized behavior!!!

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