Eyewitness Account of Luhansk Terrorist Attacks on Residential Quarters

Alexander Zabirko gives a chilling eyewitness account of the “Luhansk People’s Republic” fighters’ attacks on residential quarters.


I made this picture last year from the window of my Mom’s house. To the right from the church you can actually see the fence of the very border unit, which is now being attacked by the “people” with St.George Ribbons on their chests and grenade dispensers in their hands. My Mom managed to run out of her home early in the morning when the attack was just starting. People were running through yards to the Myrniy residential quarter, some of them going directly across the ravine in the direction of Yuzhniy residential quarter. Since then the attackers would not let anyone out of our house or the neighboring multistory building. They are shooting from the house roof and balconies – one can see the border unit from our house as plain as the nose on your face.

They put a machine-gun in the eighth floor. My Mum called other neighbours from her office – many of them did not make it on time to leave and were stuck in their apartments. Everybody understands that the Ukrainian military forces  would not shoot at a residential house, and if they were to do so, it would only benefit the “Luhansk People Republic” fighters, as the Russian NTV channel would make a new feature about the brutality of the Ukrainian “fascists.” If that is not terrorism than I do not know what terrorism is. I have no idea how one could possibly reconcile “the memory of the great victory” that is talked about everywhere, with the fact that these so called “orthodox warriors” (among which there are suspiciously too much Caucasians) prefer to make war in the residential areas hiding behind civilian population.

I wish to separately “thank” all my acquaintances and relatives whose brains were replaces by Russian television and who had voted at the so called “referendum” to approve of the terrorists. Congratulations to you, me dears! You have ultimately fu**ed up the one holy thing you/we had – our country, our faith and the memory of our ancestors. Then again, there is active work going on in the social networks to justify all this brutality. All these excuses are rather plain just as the imagination of the “Russian patriots”, because as turns out (surprise!!!!) it is the “Right Sector” that entrenched in the Myrnyi residential quarter and prepared the provocations in the city of Luhansk. However, as usual, no one saw any “Banderites” there, but one can see very clearly who attacks the Ukrainian border guards.

As the saying is now, Savedonbasspeople!

Translated by Svitlana Skob, edited by Alya Shandra

Source: Alexander Zabirko’s FB post 

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3 thoughts on “Eyewitness Account of Luhansk Terrorist Attacks on Residential Quarters

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  2. Euro maiden PR …this information should be sent to all the American, German, Swiss internet sites as well as newspapers, TV and radio stations. Basically, here you’re talking to yourselves and a few others. Your work is pretty much worthless. If you’re going to give out this good info for heavens sake get out to the world. Right now Russia is winning the propganda war. They get their say on HuffPost all the time. If Ukraine is gonna win you have to win Putin’s lying propaganda war of words and scummy invasion with your words of truth to the world. If you need help getting the word out. Let me know. I will help in the US and get other Ukrainians all over the world to help you get the world out.

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