Terrorist repression grows in Donetsk


DPR militants — Reuters

Recent activities by the terrorists of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) are spreading panic among the civilian population and paralyzing all aspects of daily life – ranging from using public transportation and driving a car to reading local newspapers.

Hunt for people from Western Ukraine

In Donetsk, militants have begun to check the passports of passengers at the train station and detaining people with residence permits from Western Ukraine, reports UNIAN, June 4, citing local news sources OstroVu and Donbas SOS.

Additionally, according to other sources, representatives of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic are demanding that dormitories in Donetsk provide lists of students from Western Ukraine. Donbas SOS also reports that a group of construction workers from Western Ukraine has been detained. The workers’ fate is unknown.

On Tuesday morning, June 3, DPR representatives demanded to see the passports of passengers on the No 14 bus in Donetsk and to search the male passengers, a witness told OstroVu.

“They checked the passports of those who were coming out and searched the men. Those who did not have their passports with them were taken aside for questioning, but all were released,” she said.

Young woman killed at checkpoint

On Tuesday evening, June 3, on the Rostov-Donetsk road in the Shakhtarskyy district, the DNR terrorists shot at a passenger car, reported News of Donbas, citing eye witnesses.

A young couple was in the car. The young man was teaching his 19-year-old girlfriend how to drive. After the young people ignored the demand to stop the car at the checkpoint, the terrorists began chasing them. They cut off the young couple’s car near the traffic police post and opened machine gun fire. The young man managed to jump out of the car, but the young woman died on the spot from her wounds, the paper reported.

Donbas newspaper suspends operations

The newspaper Donbas has suspended operations due to the illegal demands of terrorists, the publication’s journalists informed UNIAN, June 2.

According to the journalists, the chief editor Oleksandr Bryzh called a general meeting of the staff and informed them that due to demands of the Donetsk People’s Republic to change editorial policy of the newspaper — to present news “correctly” — the journalists were being placed on unpaid leave. Bryzh also explained that if they agreed to the conditions imposed by the separatists, the journalists would be violating the laws of Ukraine. For that reason, the editorial team was let go.

The journalists also reported that the last issue of the newspaper had 8 columns instead of the normal 16 and that all readers were warned that the newspaper would cease publication for now. They said a similar situation took place at the newspaper Evening Donetsk, where journalists were also placed on unpaid leave.

Compiled and translated by Anna Mostovych








One thought on “Terrorist repression grows in Donetsk

  1. Ukraine needs to get their act together and stop fighting. They will have much rebuilding to do after all that’s happened. Tymosenko and Porosenko need to get along and do what’s best for all people in Ukraine. They must make peace with eastern and southern Ukraine. Get insurgents out of the country. I can’t believe that only western ukrainians are fighting the insurgents. Rest of Ukraine needs to get balls and force them to leave the country. Ukraine will be stronger all together than apart…So shake hands and get along. Help each other protect each other. You don’t have to have enemies unless you choose to have them.

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