“Authorities” of Self-Proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” Prevent Refugees From Leaving the Region

Inforesist.org 05.06.2014

The “government” of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” prevents refugees from leaving the region. Reported by Ukrzaliznytsia press Centre (Ukrainian Railways).
Ukrzaliznytsia is doing everything possible to evacuate refugees from Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts. 

The company organized a special train with 11 cars in order to evacuate 500 orphans from Luhansk. The train was supposed to arrive in Luhansk from Odesa, and subsequently take the children to Odesa. However, the “government officials” of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” ordered the Odesa and Dnipro railway administration not to allow this train through. Ukrzaliznytsia was forced to redirect the train back to Odesa.

The “Donetsk People’s Republic” has also prevented residents from leaving these troubled regions; Ukrainian Railways has not been allowed to send additional trains to Donetsk and Luhansk. Despite the actions of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk, Ukrzaliznitsia will continue to do everything possible to ensure the evacuation of children and residents. The children will be transported free of charge.

Translated by Christine Chraibi, edited by Alya Shandra


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