Donbas Has Always Been Ukraine: the Holodomor and Russification Legacies

Donbas Has Always Been Ukraine: the Holodomor and Russification Legacies

Voices of Ukraine

Ukraine Scholars on Social Media
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Editor:This was taken from a discussion today in Ukraine Scholars on Social Media. It is presented here to point to factors that are not discussed in the mass media regarding current events in Ukraine. That is, certain specific historic factors that inform the regional and national consciousness of Ukraine (and its diaspora) that are both painful and more nuanced than the simplistic generalizations of “east” vs “west” Ukraine, and “Russian” vs “Ukrainian” speaking Ukrainians. Naming these factors for what they are in the larger discussion and articulating them more fully is another step in the direction of healing and moving forward with united purpose in civil society, education, government and business.  

Motria Poshyvanyk Caudill: A bit of history.
Did you know that many people from central Ukraine fled to the Donbas during the Holodomor [man-made famine that exterminated…

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