In Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, criminal charges and a house full of refugees await Tsariov

Dnipropetrovsk – Local Auto-Maidaners started accommodating refugees from Donbass to Oleg Tsariov’s house near Dnipropetrovsk. The initiators of this action claim this is temporary, the mansion, as before, is still the property of the former member of the parliament, its confiscation is not being planned. Law enforcement does not comment on the legitimacy of these actions, however they are expecting the return of the former “regional.” Several criminal cases have been drawn up against him and his companies here. Meanwhile experts are doubtful about the escapee’s own statements regarding his swift return from Russia. They are also skeptical about the fact that the Verkhovna Rada will realise the order to hold Tsariov criminally responsible in the nearest future.

The three-story house belonging to the former “regional” member of the Parliament Oleg Tsariov in the village of Stari Kodaky near Dnipropetrovsk has an area of 400 sq. metres. The territory of the entire mansion is around 7 hectares. Dnipropetrovsk Auto-Maidan activists, which has started accommodating refugees from Donbas here, say: they are not planning on confiscating the MP’s property or occupying the house, they just want to help the refugees – almost 200 families from Donetsk and Luhansk have nowhere to live in Dnipropetrovsk. They assure: this will also help prevent new instances of arson by unidentified individuals and prevent damage to Tsariov’s property.

The Auto-Maidaners entered the building together with the police and representatives of the Tsariov family – lawyers and security. The latter packed and took all valuable and personal items of the family from the house. Tsariov’s wife Larisa gave permission to use the house for the needs of 7-8 refugee families by phone, claim the activists. The representative of Dnipropetrovsk Auto-Maidan Taras Zdrenik admits: their actions are not completely legal, but they had no other choice.

“This was a necessity of sorts. This house stood empty, and we decided to put up the people incoming from Eastern Ukraine. We have already established security, this is the first Hundred, the people have already started working. This will possibly last until the end of the war or until some sort of accommodation for the refugees is given in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast,” notes Taras Zdrenik.

“Pressure on part of the current government” 

Radio Svoboda could not find out what Oleg Tsariov thinks about the accommodation of new people in his house: the former member of the parliament did not pick up the phone. Meanwhile, according to the Russian mass media, he is in Moscow at the moment, but promises to return “to the territory of the republics of Luhansk and Donetsk” and “free all of Ukraine from nazis.” He claims that he is being persecuted and pressured in Ukraine.

“I feel colossal pressure on part of the current government. My house was attacked, I had my business and mandate taken away. At the moment they want to accommodate some unknown people in my house. But all of this cannot break me. I will continue fighting against the current government,” the Russian media cite Tsariov…

Meanwhile they are awaiting Tsariov’s return in Ukraine. The headquarters of the National Defence of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast has announced a reward of half a million USD for aid in detaining the former member of the Parliament. The law enforcement also have some questions for him: criminal charges were drawn up against the former MP because of separatist statements and calls for change in the state order and borders of Ukraine, and illegal equipment of his firms in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

“Tsariov’s business was “covered” at the highest level” 

Advisor to the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration in questions of law enforcement and fight against corruption Vitali Kupriy, who initiated a civil expertise regarding the functioning of Tsariov’s businesses, says: the former MP’s business empire in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast included several pig farms, bakeries and a paper-production plant. Violations were detecting within the activities of every structure – non-payment of land rental, pollution of the environment, stealing of gas. The damages made to the state may constitute tens of millions of Hryvnias, claims Vitali Kupriy.

“After investigations initiated by the civil population, which included controlling bodies and the office of the Prosecutor, it has been discovered that each object has grounds for criminal charges. First is the mass non-payment of land taxes. Second is pollution of the environment, garbage on land and in aquatic bodies. As to the paper plant – its waste was found in the Dnipro river, in violation of legislation. At the moment we are calculating the losses, so far these are millions of Hryvnias. Illegal access to the gas pipeline has also been detected, they stole gas in exceptionally high quantitates. We are talking about approximately 80 million UAH’s worth of damage to the state. I would also like to state that throughout the last 5 years no inspections of controlling and law enforcement bodies detected any violations, or if they did, nobody was held responsible. Tsariov’s illegal business was “covered” at a significantly high level,” said the advisor to the head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration to Radio Svoboda.

Tsariov may only appear in Crimea

On Tuesday the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gave permission to hold member of the Parliament Oleg Tsariov criminally responsible. The decision was supported by 235 parliament members. 226 MP’s also gave consent to arrest him, however experts are doubtful that the arrest of the former Parliament member by Ukrainian law enforcement is possible in the nearest future.

The head of political programs of Olexandr Razumkov Centre Yuriy Yakymenko noted in a comment to Radio Svoboda: Tsariov, if he does return to Ukraine, will only appear in Crimea.

“Of course, there are so many actions of this former MP during Maidan and after it, that he has to be held responsible. However responsibility can only come to be as prescribed by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine. For this, certain bodies have to employ means. If this person is outside of Ukraine, hiding from law enforcement and continuing his activities, he also has to be held responsible for this. Therefore the initiatives of the representatives of the government aimed at his detainment is their right and duty. As to his physical presence on the territory of Ukraine, it is theoretically possible only on the territories that are not under control of the state government, therefore in Crimea. He may appear there. It is less probably on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, even less so in Dnipropetrovsk. It is most probably that he will be found where he feels safe from Ukrainian justice,” said the expert.

He also allows the possibility that Tsariov might be announced internationally wanted in the nearest future.

Source: Radio Svoboda

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


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