Sentsov detained, tortured in Crimea: Media

In Crimea, prior to being sent to jail in Moscow, detained film director Oleg Sentsov was beaten, strangled, and threatened with rape by representatives of the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB), reports TSN.

Sentsov’s Moscow lawyer, Dmitriy Dinze, said the severe beatings delayed Oleg’s transfer from Simferopol to Moscow, as they waited for his wounds to heal.

The filmmaker, who has been in a Moscow prison for more than a week, has written a statement on the crimes committed against him. “They put a black plastic bag on him, and they strangled him with it until he was barely conscious. Then he was beaten on his back. They took his pants and undershorts off and beat him with a bat and threatened him with sexual violence. This continued for about three hours,” the lawyer said, describing the details of Sentsov’s torture.

Despite the heavy abuse, the director did not admit to doing what he is charged with: in Moscow, he is accused of terrorism and involvement with Right Sector, which Russia considers a subversive group. Moscow investigators ‘support’ the charges with the fact that during a house search, law enforcement officers found items belonging to the Ukrainian director that were recognized as dangerous — a hard hat similar to those worn on Maidan.

On May 11, Russian law enforcement officers in Crimea detained Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov.  He is charged with organizing a terrorist attack. On May 19, it was reported that he had been transported to a Moscow pretrial detention center.

On May 29, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that Ukrainian director O. Sentsov was in a Moscow pretrial detention center.



1 thought on “Sentsov detained, tortured in Crimea: Media

  1. My God where is that worthless Hollywood?…a Ukrainian director beaten and imprisoned by Putin regime or are they busy sucking up to Putin. You see mila these are the kind of people you have sided with born in Ukraine but saying youre Russian. My children born in America are Americans not Ukrainians.

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