Donbas: the attempt at proletarian revenge (press review)

The Russian weapons have turned the territories controlled by separatists into a real military stage. Part of the population supports the rebels, as they are promising the renewal of order and Soviet values. As “Ukrayinskiy Tyzhden” writes, the separatists see themselves as heirs of the soldiers of the Great Patriotic war, “have to oppose America and Germany,” “neo-nazis” and “imperialists.” But this is not all. They also want to renew “social justice” and establish the government of “civil communities.” In the first weeks of the conflict, this Soviet dimension was not too noticeable, notes the medium. In Donetsk and Luhansk, “people’s courts” have already appeared, which punish those who are disagreeable, as well as a secret police, which was modestly dubbed the “NKVD.” The separatists dream to once again nationalise the local economy and destroy the oligarchs. This is where the feeble attempt to occupy Rinat Akhmetov’s house in Donetsk stemmed from. The locals have ruined several supermarkets and robbed a hockey stadium. Therefore, the weekly medium sums up, we have a revenge of the Donetsk proletariat. According to them, throughout the last 20 years, “desolation of the state” was underway. These people obviously did not gain from the changes. Therefore they are hoping to “confiscate that which the rich have stolen from the poor.” This is emphasised in the article “Donbass: revenge of the proletariat.”

Temporary immigrants from Donbas may become “Gastarbeiter” on their new locations in their Motherland, warns weekly medium “Komentari.” The magazine mentions the words “accommodation of evil.” And this is what it happening at the moment. Ukrainians are getting used to evil. Of course, in the economical sense this cannot be a factor that would affect a person, as they put security as their first priority. However it is absolutely clear that the murders, victims are becoming everyday things, the people are becoming desensitised, as they cannot be in the state of tension permanently. The medium emphasises that the accommodation of evil should draw attention now, predicting the social consequences connected with the migration of those who were forced to leave Crimea and Donbas. As they might be treated like hermits. The title of the publication is “When there is nowhere to run.”

“100 days of shock. And some therapy” – in the material under this title, the newspaper “Den” analyses what the government of Arseniy Yatseniuk managed to do for the country, what they didn’t even attempt to do and why. Experts of the publication think that the issue of human resources if the primary problem of the interim Cabinet of Ministers. Its main error was the quota principle. As a result, the “Kamikaze government,” thus immediately dubbed by Yatseniuk, includes not only expert technocrats, which would have to solve the foremost problems, but politicians without experience and with dubious reputations. This problem is defined as one of the reasons for economical instability and loss of control over part of Ukrainian territory. On the other hand, several positive tendencies should be noted. Thanks to Prime Minister Yatseniuk and head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine’s clear position, Ukraine has renewed the course towards European integration, and also received big monetary aid from international organisations. As to reforms, within these 100 days, they have not been implemented.

Today Ukrainian volunteers are supplying the Ukrainian soldiers with practically everything: starting with potable water and toothpaste, and up to deficit bulletproof vests and outlanders. In particular, within two months of its existence, the Fund to aid the country “Wings Phoenix,” led by Kyiv citizen Yuriy Biriukov, gathered over four million UAH and saved the lives of hundreds of soldiers. An interview with Yuriy Biriukov is pubished in “Fakty” newspaper.

Source: Radio Svoboda

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


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