More than 200 hostages held by militants, Taruta says


Serhiy Taruta

The Governor of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration Serhiy Taruta announced that militants in the oblast are holding more than 200 hostages, reported, June 6, citing the press service of the oblast administration.

“Today talks are focused on the release of the hostages. The militants are now illegally holding more than 200 people, citizens of various countries,” he said.

According to Taruta, the mayor of Donetsk, Oleksandr Lukyanchenko, is representing the government in the negotiations. However, he said the negotiations are progressing with difficulty due to internal power struggles among the militants and repeated changes of negotiators on their part. Furthermore, according to Taruta, the militants do not have clear political goals.

“And yet the negotiations will continue. They are the only way, another one does not exist. Any war sooner or later always ends with negotiations and peace. This statement does not require any proof. I really hope the people with guns understand it as well,” he said.

Taruta said that the values the opponents of the Kyiv authorities keep talking about are fought for with words and deeds not weapons.

“I respect people who fight for their ideals. I respect their right to consistently defend their own beliefs and values. But I despise people who create chaos, who spread fear, who abuse the defenseless. I despise thieves and robbers, looters and torturers. And I doubly despise those who do it for money,” he said.

Translation: Anna Mostovych



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1 thought on “More than 200 hostages held by militants, Taruta says

  1. As long as businessman and politicians are the same person we are sure nothing has changed in Ukraine. First thing you have to do is separate business and politics as is common in the core-EU countries.

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