Terrorists planning to blow up Donbas reservoir dam


Terrorists seized the Karlivsky water reservoir in the Donbas, reports Espreso TV, citing the press service of the Donetsk Oblast Administration. As reported by the Donetsk Oblast Administration, armed people arrived at the dam around 13:00 on Saturday, June 7.

“Without the knowledge of the workers of the public utility “Water of Donbas,” they raised the panels on the dam and began to discharge water into the river. There is no significant threat to nearby communities,” the oblast press announcement states.

However, nothing is known at present about the plans of the armed men. The representatives of the oblast administration are trying to determine the plans of the invaders to prevent an emergency.

“Under threat of force, they demanded that the staff open the floodgates. Employees refused to follow orders that could lead to victims and the flooding of 6 communities located below the reservoir,” the announcement says.

According the ATO (antiterrorist operation) spokesman Vladyslav Seleznov, it was learned later that the terrorists are planning to blow up a dam along this reservoir.

Seleznov says Ukrainian military authorities are taking measures to prevent a technological catastrophe. The actions of the militants could lead to the flooding of communities in the Donetsk Oblast, he said.

Translation: Anna Mostovych

Source: http://espreso.tv/news/2014/06/07/na_donbasi_terorysty_zakhopyly_vodoskhovysche


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