Russian terrorists preparing another stronghold in Donetsk Oblast


During the night of June 7, a convoy of six armored personnel carriers, six KAMAZ trucks, and an artillery tank crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border, reports ZN.UA, June 8, citing the commander of the Azov special battalion Yaroslav Honchar. The KAMAZ went to the city of Torez and the armored vehicles are in the city of Snizhne, where a new center of resistance to Ukrainian troops is being formed.

The militants are preparing Snizhne (Donetsk Oblast) as a stronghold, Honchar wrote on Facebook, Sunday, June 8.

“Fortification work is continuing for the second day now. On the roofs are positioned the MANPADS and snipers (on the former border complex, including Furshet and Lenin stores and other buildings). They are digging trenches between checkpoints. Skela machine guns and 120 mm self-propelled mortar carriers are being placed around the city,” he wrote.

Honchar added that “during the night 2 to 3 convoys with 4 KAMAZ of those that arrived yesterday went to the village of Novaya Nadezhda in the Russian Federation where they took some 100 people on board.”

“According to preliminary information, the 100 individuals are military personnel of the Russian Federation. Accompanied by two of our traitors, those 4 KAMAZ with Russian special forces came back to Snizhne. Their assignment is sabotage,” he concluded.

Translation: Anna Mostovych



6 thoughts on “Russian terrorists preparing another stronghold in Donetsk Oblast

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  4. When will danger and convert its useless promises into useful deeds? Appeasement did not work in 1938-1039 and is not going to work now. Putin’s Napoleonic complex will continue to drive him to the detriment of us all

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