Voices of Ukraine

Headshot_MariaTurchenkovaBy Maria Turchenkova
06.02.2014 8:37
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

At the border in Uspenka [Luhansk Oblast] it is quiet.

There is no traffic in the direction of Russia, and now the border guards, who were bored only five minutes ago, are inspecting a semi-trailer truck with great surprise, a truck with red crosses and the number “200” on the sides. They slowly walk around it from different directions, photographing it on their phones, while the customs official checks the paperwork for the cargo. The procedure is proceeding formally, but there is a feeling of tension from not understanding where this cargo came from and who exactly sent it. The driver, Slava, cannot explain anything–this morning “people whom he could not refuse” asked him to drive the truck to Russia and said only that it was important.

I glance over an officer’s shoulder, “Donetsk Regional Bureau of Forensic…

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